“Life is all about balance”.

After spending a very festive Christmas and New Years with family and friends, I headed to Indonesia to put right all my wrongs of excessive wine consumption and general lack of health with my dear friend Emily Hutchinson.

Bali based Ocean Tribe Retreat lets you truly relax, enjoy your surroundings and feel good. There is no “6am – wake up”, “6:02 – brush teeth” kind of schedule. Not to mention the, “7:45am – time to feel stressed”, because while doing yoga you are too focused on the emanate reality of doing some kind punishing intensive activity.

This retreat is structured around the basics of feeling alive. It’s activity based, nutrition conscious, and most of all aimed at you getting your daily dose of vitamin Sea.  Achieving all of this in luxury Ocean tribe Retreat teaches the great life lesson of “always (maybe in moderation) treating yourself”.

We began our week with Nuala retreats in Umalas. The Beautiful open plan living and yoga spaces give you a preview into the brains behind this amazing experience, Varney.  One of the most fabulous women I have met to date with knowledge, wisdom and wit beyond imagination. Meeting someone with such passion and love for what they do and what they have created is inspiring. Varney has designed the ultimate relax, rejuvenate, meditate space for all. Waking up in paradise, drinking banana and Dragon fruit smoothies before yoga and eating incredible nutritious meals after ocean activities is a dream. From weight loss programs to retail therapy and enlightenment, even if it is just to experience the delightful interiors there is something for everyone at Nuala.

Being wet season in Bali between October to April we were lucky to have beautiful sun each day, adding to the week of Surf Lessons, boot camps on the sand, colonics and facials at Cocoon spa, in house massages and great company. We then ventured over to one of my favorite slices of paradise, Nusa Lembongan. Home to some of the best snorkeling I have experienced. Schools of rainbow fish, over carpets of colored coral and a tick off the bucket list, swimming with Manta Rays. One sad aspect of this beautiful experience was the amount of litter in the water. So as Ocean Tribe suggests, we were collecting passing rubbish and taking it to shore with us, so these creatures can glide free of pollution.  Back on land there was amazing food, Nasi Goreng, fresh fish, fruit and salads, prepared by our own private chef under pink sky’s of sunrise and sunset. A relaxed schedule means there is lots of free time to spend reading, sleeping or exploring the Island.

Over our week with Ocean Tribe we made some beautiful new friends and created some hilarious memories that will stick. This is where I will mention Aaron and Eric and Dodi for such a lovely time. Thanks for looking after/putting up with us and for all the laughs along the way.  We spent a week in the ocean doing things I love and also things I never thought I could, my expectations were exceeded in that of relaxation, fitness and fun. I left feeling rejuvenated, refreshed and ready for home life, and with a reminder that life really is about balance.

IMG_2976 IMG_3070




IMG_3544 IMG_3547 IMG_3868 IMG_3732 IMG_3738 IMG_3739 Ocean tribe retreat – @oceantriberetreat

Nuala Retreat – @nualaretreats

Cocoon Medical Spa Bali – @cocoonmedicalspa

Selected images Dean Snushall@deansnushallphoto


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